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Wellsite Geologists Calgary - oil and gas wellsite geology consultants serving BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and beyond.


Our Mission

WestRock Geo is a professional well site geology firm that prides itself on providing top quality customer service.

At WestRock Geo, we take full advantage of the latest technology, communication, skills, experience, and knowledge to increase the flow of operational data that is critical for our clients.

WestRock Geo's well site Geology consultants are capable of assessing all types of well conditions and can coordinate sophisticated formation evaluation services.

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Formation Evaluation


Geology reports

Strip logs

Wireline logging and data

Gas Chromatography Services

Gas detection supervision services available with lithology logging or solely at reduced rates

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wellsite petrophysical wireline supervision


Wireline Logging

Logging While Drilling (MWD/LWD)


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WestRock's geologists have been trained to the highest level coupled with the specific on the job skills and experience necessary to complete a successful horizontal well. The wellsite geologists map out a prognosis drill path for the client, giving them the confidence that the project will be successful, with little supervision.

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With experienced geologists and functional software

Twenty-four hour well monitoring by specialized geologists

Remote or In-house operations

Customized reporting

Services include consulting, technical analysis, and project management

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"I required wellsite geologists who were able to take ownership in the wells that were being drilled. They needed to become part of the culture on the rig to ensure positive and effective working relationships with the other teams, such as directional, etc. so that a cohesive working unit could be formed resulting in successful wellbores. This ability to communicate combined with their highly skilled technical abilities is why I utilize their services.

Their team is very professional and friendly and I would recommend them to anyone."

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