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Wellsite Geologists Calgary - oil and gas wellsite geology consultants serving BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and beyond.


Our Mission

WestRock Geo is a professional well site geology firm that prides itself on providing top quality customer service. At WestRock Geo, we take full advantage of the latest technology, communication, skills, experience, and knowledge to increase the flow of operational data that is critical for our clients. West Rock Geo's well site Geology consultants are capable of assessing all types of well conditions and can coordinate sophisticated formation evaluation services.

The Management Team

Wes Barrett - CEO, President

Wes has done many horizontal drilling projects in a variety of areas and formations. Wes possesses extensive experience in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Mr. Barrett is responsible for the overall quality control and evaluation of all well reports and strip logs for our clients. His duties include, selecting the proper personnel with the necessary skill set to complete demanding drilling projects. Wes has broad field experience and is available at anytime. He has proved that hard work and going the extra mile for our clients puts them at ease in the busy season.

Colin Barrett - Vice President

Colin Barrett has extensive experience in well site geology supervision in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. His experience, knowledge and communication skills are essential in customer care and in overseeing other well site geologists.

Mr. Barrett is responsible for the overall quality control and evaluation of well reports and strip logs for our clients. He also selects the appropriate personnel for particularly demanding drilling projects, while also working in the field, and provides training of new and present personnel to the standards of WestRock Geo, to meet the expectations of our clients.

Ryan Cuthbertson - CFO, COO

Ryan's duties include accounting, marketing, project forecasting and managing the day-to-day operations of WestRock Geo. If there are questions or concerns regarding invoices, day rates, scheduling or contact information, do not hesitate to call him under any circumstance. Ryan has shown our current and potential clients that a good laugh and a big smile are still appreciated in any field.

We are affiliated with the Payfinder gas detector. Payfinder increases the accuracy of data, safety on location, reliability of the hardware and usability for the geologist. With the patented all in one design and inertial bypass filtration system, Payfinder has been able to reduce the overall size of the unit, reduced the "in system" lag time, reduce gas dilution with a low volume filtration design, and therefore increase the accuracy of data particularly under fast paced drilling conditions. This provides better data resolution to help clients avoid bypassed payzones, more readily see connection gases, pick fracture points and steer horizontal drills to maximum production output.


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