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Horizontal Wellsite Geologists - Drilling

The majority of WestRock Geo's projects include horizontal drilling in different areas of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. WestRock's geologists have been trained to the highest level coupled with the specific on the job skills and experience necessary to complete a successful horizontal well. The wellsite geologists map out a prognosis drill path for the client, giving them the confidence that the project will be successful, with little supervision. The training that is provided for our geologists ensures a quality well, every time.

The typical geo-steering project begins with well planning, and in particular a directional drilling model that includes Geologic structure, lateral continuity, and the essential important reservoir elements.

Horizontal drilling places the geologist at the drill site to direct the well to obtain the best reservoir quality for the client.

Our geologist will use the most structurally consistent marker zones that are above the beds we're trying to target.

The drill path design and adjustment during drilling is based using those marker beds and estimated formation thickness. The markers are usually picked using gamma MWD with comparison to offset wire line logs.

The gamma values with rock sample observation, gas detection and relative drilling reactivity values are all used to continue forward to land the well in the best reservoir and stay there.

The use of onsite structure maps are also important to stay in the best quality reservoir and adjust for unforeseen changes during the horizontal interval (lateral section) of the well.

In depth understanding of directional drilling concepts is also crucial for a successful well site Geologist.



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