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Mr. Ryan Cuthbertson
Chief Operating Officer
WestRock Geo Inc.
140, 7260-12th St. SE
Calgary, Alberta T2H 2S5

October 2008

We would like to thank you for the outstanding customer service and geological support that has enabled Auburn Energy Inc. to successfully complete its current four-well horizontal project in southeast Saskatchewan. WestRock Geo on-site personnel played a key role in ensuring that we landed and set intermediate casing at the optimum coordinates, started our horizontal legs in-zone, and stayed in-zone through to total depth on each well.

Working along side WestRock Geo has been a great experience for us, and we would highly recommend WestRock Geo to industry associates for their drilling projects. I would be very pleased to provide feedback directly to any potential clients you wish to have contact me, either by phone at the number below, or by email to jstyles@auburnenergy.ca.

On behalf of the team here at Auburn Energy Inc., we would like to express our appreciation for the skill, and for the great work ethic, that WestRock Geo personnel brought to bear on our project. We would especially like to commend Mark Towey for the outstanding care and attention he paid to the details that make the difference. We look forward to working again with WestRock Geo and its personnel in the near future.


John A. Styles, P.Eng.




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