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Wellsite Geologists Calgary - oil and gas wellsite geology consultants serving BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and beyond.


Geological Wellsite Evaluation Services

Formation Evaluation

  • Evaluation of Drill Cuttings, Sidewall Cores and Conventional Cores.

  • Hydrocarbon Show Evaluation.

  • Selection of Coring and Production Casing Points.

  • Preparation of Mud logs, Lith-logs, Total gas logs, Gas chromatography Logs, Core Logs.

  • Mud logging and/or supervision and quality control.

  • Correlation with Offset Wells and Regional Geology.

  • Expertise in the following environments: oil-based mud, under balanced drilling, polymer, air drilling, Gel-Chemical, H2S.

  • Recommendations to the Drilling Team, contributing to a safe, cost-effective drilling operation.


  • Provision of daily geology reports and composite strip-logs.

  • Provision of wire-line data via fax/email on request.

  • Provision of wire-line Logging Operations Reports and Logging Failure Summaries.

  • Production of Final Well Reports and Composite Strip-log

Gas Chromatography Services

  • Gas detection supervision services available with lithology logging or solely at reduced rates:

  • Gas detection specifications and equipment type at your preference

  • Preparation of annotated gas logs and gas chromatography logs.

  • Very well trained consultants to ensure accurate lag time, identification of connection gas, produced gas, liberated gas shows etc, useful for lithology and pay zone determination.

  • Further analysis and LAS files available on request.

We are affiliated with the Payfinder gas detector. Payfinder increases the accuracy of data, safety on location, reliability of the hardware and usability for the geologist. With the patented all in one design and inertial bypass filtration system, Payfinder has been able to reduce the overall size of the unit, reduced the "in system" lag time, reduce gas dilution with a low volume filtration design, and therefore increase the accuracy of data particularly under fast paced drilling conditions. This provides better data resolution to help clients avoid bypassed payzones, more readily see connection gases, pick fracture points and steer horizontal drills to maximum production output.


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